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5 Tips for effective use of angularjs in corporate environments


Angularjs is all the rage in web development, but can it be really be used  to build supportable, secure,  scalable and extensible applications in a corporate environment? Here are 5 tips to help you do it right.


  1. Bake in the security to your API layer making use of your corporate security infrastructure - using Active Directory, and / or oauth  tokens. This is the right place to secure access to the data - obscuring information once it has already reached the client is just security by obscurity, and has no place
  2. Support considerations: make sure you consider whether the most up to date, bleeding edge libraries are going to work with each other and with your corporate infrastructure ( e.g. are you using Internet Explorer, or Edge, or Chrome and Safari) determining which stable library that has had the issues resolved, but supports your current and future browsers and devices should be done at the start of the project, not in the middle.
  3. Extensibility can be really helped by building the app using a modular approach, and employing a rigorous structure to the project. Using a disciplined approach such as ngboilerplate,
  4. Scalability - know the strengths and limitations of the framework - it can easily scale to datasets in the 10s of thousands on the client side,but you need to be careful that you don't try to display that information all at once - using tools like ngGrid to show rows of data quickly
  5. Performance - balance

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